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Dojo Rules



  1. Think Karate in the Dojo. Devote yourself to karate while in the Dojo. Thinking about other problems will only divide your attention and make karate less rewarding. You will find that even strenuous workouts are refreshing when you concentrate totally on the karate experience.
  2. Practice regularly at home. If you do not practice regularly, you cannot lay good foundation in basics and progress. You also risk losing the rank you presently hold and delay further promotions.
  3. Do Your Best. Try to consistently expand your knowledge and skill level.
  4. Pay Attention. By listening carefully to the Sensei and sempai, you can avoid careless mistakes which may cause injuries. You can also pick up pointers, which will improve your techniques.
  5. Kindly Help beginning students – if you’re already an advanced student, be a mentor and a positive role model.
  6. Do not lose your temper. Especially during sparring sessions. This is a perfect time to practice self-control.
  7. Martial arts and education goes hand and hand. Once homework is completed students should read at least one hour. Especially boys should play outside or in an open area where they can run around, to relieve stress. School age children should not watch TV or play electronic games during school days. It interferes with their mental development.
  8. Don’t be a Dropout. The journey to black belt takes many years to achieve, like anything else in life that’s worthwhile. When your spirit is low or you are losing interest, increase your training at home and seek guidance from your sensei and sempai’s.
  9. Take proper care of your uniform. Uniform should be hemmed and the dojo patch sewn on. Wash your uniform regularly, iron it if need be and fold it properly after practice.
  10. Respect the Dojo. Bow when entering or leaving the training area. Always keep the dojo clean, don’t wait for someone else to tell you to clean up. Be and act like a leader.
  11. Absolutely no Horseplay in the Dojo. The atmosphere of the dojo should be serious in order to avoid needless injuries. No one below the rank of brown belt should engage in free sparring without the supervision of an instructor.
  12. Keep fingernails and toenails trimmed in order to avoid scratching a sparring partner. It is also not possible to form your fist properly when thrusting with long nails.
  13. Tardiness. When class is in progress, students who arrive late should bow to the instructor and then join the class in a quiet and orderly manner.
  14. Parents should avoid any interactions with their child during class. Cell phones should be turn off or set to vibrate while in the dojo. If parents must talk while classes are in session please keep your voices down to avoid disrupting the class.
  15. Show respect to the Sensei, bow to your Sensei and Sempai when entering and upon leaving the dojo and all karate functions (tournaments, meetings, parties, etc.) Never address your Sensei or sempai by his/her first name. (Sensei refers to Shihan Serge Clark and all Okinawa karate Kobudo kai Instructors.)